Absentee Voting | Village of Chenequa, Wisconsin
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Village of Chenequa

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  • Absentee Voting

    Request An Absentee Ballot

    In order to vote absentee, you must be a registered voter in the Village of Chenequa. If your are not registered, please print and complete the Wisconsin voter registration formYou must also provide a copy of your Voter ID with your absentee ballot application.  To explore your options on how to register, please see our elections page.

    Step 1:  Request an Absentee Ballot

    You don’t need a reason to be an absentee voter.  Every Registered Wisconsin voter has the ability to request an absentee ballot.

    Request Your Ballot

    You may also request one via email.  Email your Village Clerk at clerk-treasurer@chenequa.org.  One email per family member is requested and the requestor must be the one emailing the Village Clerk.  A family member cannot make the request for another family member.

    Please make a color copy of your Voter ID (WI Driver’s License) and include it with your application.

    Once the application and Voter ID is received, a ballot will then be sent to you no sooner than the third Monday prior to the election.

    Step 2: Track Your Request and Ballot

    Don’t wait until the deadline to request your absentee ballot.  It takes time for election officials to process voter requests and mail out ballots.  Once your request is submitted, track your request until your ballot arrives.

    Track your Ballot

    Step 3: Fill Out Your Absentee Ballot

    Before you begin, line up a witness who can verify that you filled out your own ballot.  Choose an adult U.S. Citizen who is not a candidate in the upcoming election.  Next, fill out your ballot carefully.  Once your ballot is complete, place it in the certified envelope.  Then seal and sign the certificate envelope, and make sure your witness adds their address and signature, too.

    If you make a mistake or change your mind about a selection, contact your municipal clerk’s office for help. Village of Chenequa (262) 367-2239

    Find My Clerk

    Step 4: Return Your Absentee Ballot

    Mail it back using the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope included with your ballot packet.  The USPS recommends mailing your ballot back at least 7 days before Election Day.  Once your ballot is in the mail, you may not vote in person at the polls.  Ballots must be returned to the Village Hall by 8pm on Election Day in order for the ballot to count.

    Visit your clerk’s office to drop off your ballot (ballot must be handed to a person) or vote in-person absentee.

    Absentee Voting In-Person 

    In-person absentee voting will take place in the Village of Chenequa Village Hall.  You may vote in-person absentee no earlier than 14 days before the election.


    VILLAGE OF CHENEQUA  •  31275 W County Road K  •  CHENEQUA WI 53029

    OFFICE HOURS:  Monday • Thursday 8:00am to 4:30pm  •  Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

    VILLAGE HALL  (262) 367-2239  •  Fax (262) 367-3341  •  POLICE DEPARTMENT  911 or (262) 367-2145

    AFTER HOURS POLICE  911 or (262) 446-5070 (WCC Dispatch Center)